A new David Bowie documentary will explore his early years

‘The First Five Years’ will focus on the early years of David Bowie.

A new documentary about David Bowie is in the works and will act as the prequel to David Bowie: Five Years and David Bowie: The Last Five Years previously aired on the BBC.

David Bowie: Five Years aired back in 2013 while David Bowie: The Last Five Years was shown in 2017. According to David Bowie News, the new documentary will be titled David Bowie: The First Five Years.

It will focus on the early years of David Bowie and will reportedly air next year.


Meanwhile, The Muppets covered Bowie during their show at London’s The O2 last night (July 14). Along with ylie Minogue and David Tennant, the likes of comedian Kevin Bishop, actor Charles Dance, fifth Doctor Who Peter Davison, comedian Adam Hills, and pop group Steps also featured in the shows.

They marked their final show last night with a cover of Bowie’s 1972 track ‘Suffragette City’ while also covereing Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. They also gave a shout-out to England’s World Cup performance.

Last month, Trent Reznor opened up about how David Bowie helped him to see “the light at the end of the tunnel” in the mid-90s.

“I wasn’t the guy who aged 12 had a beer and turned into a werewolf,” he said. “It kind of crept up. I wasn’t prepared for the transformative effect of fame and recognition. Now everyone’s here to see me, and I still feel like I don’t belong there, that I don’t deserve to be there, that I don’t know how to act.

“But I found myself uncomfortable in a scenario where everybody wants to be your friend,” he continued. “Having a drink or two was a tool. It did help, for a while, until it started to define who I was. In every scenario, I had to drink, because that was me now.


“[Bowie] definitely helped,” Reznor said. “Not in a lecturing kind of way, but I saw someone who had come through [addiction], and he was happy and optimistic and remained fearless. I thought: if he can do that, maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

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