New footage appears to show Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer charging at officers during Capitol insurrection

The guitarist faces multiple charges over his alleged involvement in the insurrection

New surveillance footage appears to show Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer charing towards officers during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last month.

The new video, which was shared by CNN on Monday (February 15) was released as evidence during the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

It shows a man with a white goatee wearing the same blue jacket and hat that Schaffer wore during the riot, who appears to be among several rioters charing at a group of officers.

The latest footage, which you can view below, follows photos of Schaffer, in which he appears to be wildly gesticulating at law enforcement officers.

Schaffer was subsequently arrested for his alleged participation in the insurrection and has been charged with engaging in violence in a restricted building and disorderly conduct, among other crimes. He is currently being held in jail in Indiana.

Last weekend, Iced Earth’s Stu Block and Luke Appleton both announced that they are leaving the metal band in the wake of the incident.

The vocalist and bassist respectively took to social media to share separate statements regarding their departures.

“In response to recent events and circumstances, I have notified Iced Earth’s management and [guitarist] Jon [Schaffer] that I will be resigning as the Iced Earth bassist with immediate effect,” Appleton wrote. “I would like to thank everyone who has sent me their support and love during this difficult time. Thank you!!!”

Block added: “I have informed Jon and his current management that I must announce my resignation from Iced Earth with immediate effect.

“Before I made any personal decision I needed the last few weeks to process the situation as well as respect others in our camp processing the situation. I thank you all very much for respecting this. It’s the best decision in many ways for my personal / professional growth going forward. Time to move on, heal and prosper. Much love and respect to you all.”

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