Damon Albarn says there’s another Gorillaz album already in the works

"If I get the time [to record it], or if anyone wants it, it’s there”

Damon Albarn has confirmed that there is another Gorillaz album in the works.

The band only released their latest LP, ‘The Now Now’, back in June, which followed swiftly on from the April 2017 release of their fifth studio album ‘Humanz’.

Keeping up the surge of productivity, Albarn has now revealed that he is already working on more Gorillaz music – although he added that he wouldn’t “be allowed [to] even think about recording or putting it out” in 2018.


“I have another one [Gorillaz record] as well, but I know I’m not gonna be allowed to even think about recording or putting it out this year,” Albarn said in a new interview with the Austrian radio station Radio FM4.

“In October, after I play in America, I’ll be starting The Good, The Bad & The Queen again… I don’t know. It’s there. If I get the time, or if anyone wants it, it’s there.”

Listen to Albarn’s full interview with Radio FM4 below, with the new album chat occurring around the 6:40 mark.

Last month, Gorillaz shared two new remixes of their single ‘Humility’. The re-workings of the ‘Now Now”s lead single were produced by Superorganism and DJ Koze respectively.

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