New Haim video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson to play before ‘Licorice Pizza’ screenings

The song in question appears to be called 'Lost Track'

A new Haim video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson is set to play before screenings of Licorice Pizza, starting tonight (February 12).

Anderson’s new film stars Alana Haim in her acting debut and is a coming-of-age drama set in the 1970s in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, focusing on Haim’s character Alana Kane and Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman).

As revealed on Alana’s Instagram story and the official Licorice Pizza Twitter account, a new Anderson-directed Haim video, seemingly for an unreleased track called ‘Lost Track’ – though that could be a placeholder for an untitled song recently unearthed – will debut before every screening of the new film.


Haim have worked with Paul Thomas Anderson extensively in the past few years, with the Phantom Thread director helming the videos for their tracks ‘Night So Long’, ‘Right Now’ and ‘Little of Your Love’. Anderson was also behind their ‘Valentine’ short film, which came out in 2018, and created the artwork and videos for the band’s 2020 album ‘Women In Music Pt. III’.

Reviewing Licorice Pizza, NME wrote: “Casting two people who’ve never been in a movie before – let alone ever acted professionally – as your leads is a pretty spicy move, but Paul Thomas Anderson has been making spicy moves for decades now.

“Even younger than Licorice Pizza’s downright radiant Alana Haim (yes, that Alana Haim), when he broke through with his 1997 rollicking porno-comedy Boogie Nights, the somewhat more wholesome Licorice Pizza sees PTA and his reels of vintage 35mm film freewheeling through the very same glowing San Fernando Valley streets as stalked by Dirk Diggler and making fully-fledged stars out of both Haim and her dazzling co-star, Cooper Hoffman.”

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