New Johnny Cash book to feature his unreleased poems

'Forever Words: The Unknown Poems' features 41 poems by Cash

A new Johnny Cash book titled ‘Forever Words: The Unknown Poems’ features 41 previously unreleased poems written by Cash himself.

The never-before-published poems were found after he passed away in 2003, with some dating back to as early as 1944 when Cash was aged 12.

According to Pitchfork, the book also features reproductions of his handwritten pages. In a quote given to the New York Times, Cash’s son John Carter Cash said, “I want people to have a deeper understanding of my father than just the iconic, cool man in black. I think this book will help provide that.”


Johnny Cash poetry book

Meanwhile, scientists have named a new species of black tarantula after Johnny Cash.

BBC News reports that Aphonopelma johnnycashi is among 14 new tarantula species from the southern US. The arachnid was discovered near Folsom Prison in California, the same prison Cash played a series of gigs for prisoners at in the 1960s. ‘Forever Words: The Unknown Poems’ is out now.

The all-black spider was discovered by Chris Hamilton as part of his PhD research at Auburn University in Alabama. A huge fan of Cash and his work, Hamilton says that one of the reasons the species was not discovered sooner is its similarity to other species, most notably the Mojave desert’s Aphonopelma iodius.


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