A new Twitter account for Prince has been launched

It'll focus on "celebrating the life and legacy of Prince"

An official Twitter account for Prince has been launched by his estate.

The late artist, who passed away in April 2016 at the age of 57, will continue to be celebrated through the account, which debuted yesterday (February 14) on the platform with the handle @Prince.

Those now running the handle have taken over from the account which was associated with Prince during his life, with those tweets being archived over on @PRNLegacy.


The six posts which have been posted so far include classic quotes from the musician (including “I wasn’t being deliberately provocative. I was being deliberately me”), links to articles about the early stages of Prince’s career in music and a post which uses a praiseworthy quote from former US President Barack Obama.

“Few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of popular music more distinctly, or touched quite so many people with their talent,” Obama is quoted as saying about Prince in the post, which you can see below.

This renewed focus on social media by Prince’s estate follows a few months on from the launch of a weekly series of rare or unseen music videos by the late musician.


Back in December, it was also reported that a musical based on Prince’s music is currently in the early stages of development.