New Order: ‘Peter Hook has said such horrible things, it makes us angry’

New Order break silence on being sued by Peter Hook

New Order have spoken out about the ongoing dispute with ex-bassist Peter Hook.

“It saddened me a few years ago,” guitarist Phil Cunningham told Loaded, “but he’s said such horrible things about Bernard and the rest of the band that it just makes me angry now.”

Last month (November 30) Hook sued his ex-bandmates for “many millions of pounds” in a row over royalties.


“Peter phoned me a couple of years ago,” continued Cunningham, “because I said something in an interview that offended him. He said: ‘Look, it’s all getting a bit personal, this. It’s ridiculous. I’ve got my thing, you’ve got yours, and it’s cool. Everyone’s happy.’ But that’s obviously not the case. He’s not happy. He decided to leave the house, and now he’s outside it, chucking bricks through the window.”


Hook – who left the band in 2007 – accused “former friends” Bernard Sumner and Stephen and Gillian Morris of setting up a new company to handle the band’s income, “pillaging” the group’s name and leaving him £2.3 million out of pocket.

Hook stated that he had been left with just a “fraction” of what he was owed and took the case to the High Court.

New Order frontman Bernard Sumner recently said that the feud is “getting boring”.

Sumner told Rolling Stone at the time: ”It’s a real shame. My heart bleeds for him. He left the band, and then he complained about leaving the band. But I wish him good luck and that he gets on with what he’s chosen to do instead of calling me all sorts of names. He’s so angry. If you choose to take a path in life, don’t blame other people for the path you’ve chosen to take … it must be getting a bit boring for people. He did leave a bad taste in my mouth.”