The band say their forthcoming album is similar in flavour to their classic 'Technique' LP...

[url=]NEW ORDER are making good progress on their new album, and have revealed it will signal a return to their ‘dance’ period.

The band told BBC 6Music that the album, currently being recorded in Bath, is similar in flavour to their 1989 collection ‘Technique’ rather than 2001’s guitar-heavy ‘Get Ready’.

Bassist Peter Hook said: “It’s sounding great. It’s more ‘Technique’y in its feel than ‘Get Ready’ is and we’re all feeling uppy and it sounds uppy.”

Singer and guitarist Bernard Sumner added: “We’ve got 12 songs with vocals and we’ve recorded eight of them… but the writing’s going a lot quicker. We’ve actually got 20 or 21 backing tracks written but of course I’ve got to catch up on the vocals and it’s a lot harder work writing the vocals than writing the music.”

The album is being co-produced by veterans Stephen Street and John Leckie.

As previously reported, last Sunday (May 23) saw Sumner appear with [a][/a] for an acoustic version of [url=]New Order hit ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ at a tribute to the band’s late manager Rob Gretton in Manchester.