The legends reveal that their recent recording sessions have been hugely prolific...

NEW ORDER have enough new songs left over from their latest album for another brand new record.

Speaking in London, the band said that sessions for current LP ’Waiting For The Sirens’ Call’ were so prolific that there’s enough for the follow-up already in the bag.

Peter Hook told XFM: “To be honest, it’s very unusual for us to be that prolific. Every time you ‘come back’ the first question people ask is always, ‘So why did it take so long?’, so I think we thought by doing two at the same time interviewers would be scuppered for their first question.

“It was nice because at the end the ideas just came very quickly, but then we had so many ideas and Bernard (Sumner) wouldn’t let any of em go. We’re used to him making our lives a misery, but he made us finish em all.”

Drummer Steven Morris added: “So we ended up with so many tracks we couldn’t choose between them because they all sounded like A-sides. In the end we just tried to make the record run smoothly.”

The band released a new single, ’Jetstream’, on Monday (May 16).