The band give the lowdown on 'Waiting For The Sirens Call'...

[url=]NEW ORDER have spoken to NME.COM about their long-awaited new album.

Recorded over the past year, ‘Waiting For The Sirens Call’ is divided between guitar tracks in the vein of previous album ‘Get Ready’ and the synth-based tunes that are their trademark.

A single, ‘Krafty’, will be released in advance of the album and, as normal, sleeve art will be designed by Peter Saville.

Other tracks slated to appear on the album include ‘Road To Ruin’, ‘Jetstream’, ‘Waiting For The Siren’s Call’, ‘MiniDisc 2’, ‘Pop’, ‘Working Overtime’, ‘I Told You So’.

Bernard Sumner told NME.COM: “The last album was guitar-heavy simply because we felt that we’d left that instrument alone for a long time and we thought that was what the general trend was and that was what people wanted to hear.

“But when we started doing live gigs, we found that people got off on the more dance orientated and synth stuff just as much. This album really is split into two halves, it’s a mixture of the two, because that’s what [url=]New Order fans like.”

The album also marks a consolidation of [url=]New Order as a unit after the cautious nature of ‘Get Ready’ – which had been their first album a bitter eight-year hiatus.

Sumner continued: “Let’s not beat about the bush, we did fall out with each other. We didn’t actually split up, but we did fall out. But I’d challenge anyone to go through what we went through and not fall out with each other. You’re compressed together like sardines for years on end, and eventually somebody’s bound to react, and I think what happened with [url=]New Order then was we just burnt out. We were burning the candle at both ends, but we’re back to a normal situation now.”

The band also took the chance to blow one particular myth regarding the album out of the water. “They claimed that we had to change some of our songs because of [/a],” said Stephen Morris. “Which is a rumour started by [a]!”