New Order spill the beans on their collaboration with the star…

GWEN STEFANI was so keen to collaborate with [url=]NEW ORDER on her solo album that she refused to take no for an answer.

‘Love Angel Music Baby’ features a host of collaborators including Andre 3000, Dr Dre, EVE and the The Neptunes – and the [/a] frontwoman was determined to score a track with Manchester’s returning godfathers.

However, the band themselves have told NME.COM that when she approached them asking them to write her a song, they declined.


Singer Bernard Sumner said: “She asked us (to write a song) but we told her that because we were in the middle of writing our own album, we wanted to keep the good songs for ourselves.”

Undeterred, Stefani went away and wrote the track ‘The Real Thing’ in the style of [url=]New Order, which the band then came and played on.

The appreciation between the two artists is mutual. When asked about the best thing he has heard recently, Sumner immediately said the Jacques Lu Cont remix of Stefani’s single ‘What You Waiting For?’.

“I was really knocked out by it,” he said: “And I know it sounds like [url=]New Order, but it’s like seeing yourself in a mirror and someone’s re-interpreted. That’s the most recent thing I’ve heard that I’ve been impressed by. Loved it, absolutely loved it.”

Jacques Lu Cont is currently remixing tracks from [url=]New Order’s forthcoming new album, due in March.

Meanwhile, Stefani’s next single will be ‘Rich Girl’, which reunites [a]Eve and Dr Dre who gave Stefani her first solo hit with ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’. The track re-interprets the song ‘If I Was A Rich Man’ from the musical ‘Fiddler On The Roof’.

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