The England football captain's golden touch is required...

Actor KEITH ALLEN and New Order‘s PETER HOOK want MANCHESTER UNITED star DAVID BECKHAM to rap on a remix of the band’s 1990 World Cup anthem.

The pair are hoping to release a new version of ‘World In Motion’ to coincide with England’s involvement in the World Cup in Japan and Korea. The original version saw one-time Liverpool midfielder John Barnes carry the rap.

The England captain has yet to approached about the project

“Keith Allen’s got a bee in his bonnet about getting Beckham to do the rap on ‘World In Motion” and doing the remix,”

Hook told “Fucking right I’d be up for that, I mean he’s God isn’t he, Beckham.

“I’ve never seen a man deliver so much and remain human. Keith’s still working on it, so I’m looking forward to that. I do hope it happens, it’d be great.”