The package features their Finsbury Park performance earlier this year, behind-the-scenes footage and a documentary...

[url=]NEW ORDER’s performance at LONDON’s FINSBURY PARK earlier this year is to be documented on a new DVD.

‘NewOrder 511’, released on December 9 by Warner Music Vision, contains the whole gig, plus a documentary and behind-the scenes footage.

The video’s title comes from the fact that the band played 11 [/a].

The full setlist as featured on the DVD is:





’60 Miles An Hour’



‘Close Range’

‘She’s Lost Control’

‘True Faith’

‘Bizarre Love Triangle’


‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’


‘Blue Monday’

‘Your Silent Face’

As previously revealed on NME.COM, A four-CD box set called ‘Retro’ is to be released on December 9, chronicling the 21-year history of the band.