The heavyweights combine on the '24 Hour Party People' soundtrack...

New Order and MOBY have collaborated on a cover of the classic Clash song ‘NEW DAWN FADES’, for the soundtrack to ’24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE’.

The soundtrack is released on April 8 via WEA/London, following the release of the film on April 5.

’24 Hour Party People’ documents the rise of Tony Wilson’s Factory Records label and the Hacienda club scene in Manchester during the late 80s and early 90s.

The album features the new version of ‘New Dawn Fades’, a song that the pair collaborated on live during the dance star’s Area:One touring festival last year.

Other tracks on the album come from groups including the Happy Mondays and [/a], alongside classic Manchester groups such as [a].

The tracklisting runs:

Sex Pistols – ‘Anarchy In the UK’

Happy Mondays – ’24 Hour Party People’ (Jon Carter Mix)

Joy Division – ‘Transmission’

The Buzzcocks – ‘Ever Fallen In Love’

The Clash – ‘Janie Jones’

Moby/New Order – ‘New Dawn Fades’

Joy Division – ‘Atmosphere’

Durutti Column – ‘Otis’

A Guy Called Gerald – ‘Voodoo Ray’

New Order – ‘Temptation’

Happy Mondays – ‘Loose Fit’

808 State – ‘Pacific State’

New Order – ‘Blue Monday

Marshall Jefferson – ‘Move Your Body’

Joy Division – ‘She’s Lost Control’

Happy Mondays – ‘Hallelujah’ (Club Mix)

New Order – ‘Here To Stay’

Joy Division – ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’