The movie based on the story of Factory Records and the Hacienda gets a generally positive response...

’24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE’, the movie based on the story of FACTORY RECORDS and the HACIENDA nightclub, was given its first screening in its native MANCHESTER last night (February 13).

Although it was not an official premier of the Michael Winterbottom-directed film, many of those involved in the production – including Factory boss Tony Wilson and New Order bassist Peter Hook – were present.

Hook, depicted on screen by actor Ralf Little, told NME.COM: “I enjoyed it, but it’s really weird, it’s like having somebody read your diaries really. It’s still very poignant. The Joy Division thing is very upsetting, even though I’ve seen it twice now. But it’s interesting, it’s got a lot of things wrong, but it makes it more of a comic book story.”

He continued, “We wanted the music to stand up not the personalities, and I think it still does. Every Joy Division track, every New Order track sounds fantastic.”

New Order also contribute a track to the ’24 Hour Party People’ soundtrack. ‘Here To Stay’, a collaboration with the Chemical Brothers, is to appear on the closing credits – however, it was missing last night because the band missed their deadline.

“We finished it today, which is fucking typical,” joked Hook, “We missed our own fucking thing. But we finished it today at Bernard (Sumner)’s house, so it’ll be on it next time.”

Reactions to the film, which last year saw a mock-Hacienda constructed for one night only, were positive. However, many noted the similarities between Steve Coogan’s portrayal of Wilson and his character Alan Partridge, and noted the film’s revisionist approach to the Factory story.

’24 Hour Party People’ is due for release on April 5, with the soundtrack available via London Records on April 1.