Not a guest spot either, but a full blown member...

NEW ORDER made a storming return to the live stage in LIVERPOOL last night (July 17) – complete with new guitarist BILLY CORGAN.

Playing their first UK gig since the millennium at the Liverpool Olympia, the

five-piece brought out many New Order and Joy Division favourites and introduced several new tracks off upcoming LP ‘Get Ready’ in the triumphant

showcase gig.

Taking the stage, frontman Bernard Sumner dressed in a T-shirt, jeans and

trainers, said: “Hello, it feels like we’ve never been away,” before introducing

new band members, former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Corgan and new guitarist/keyboardist Phil Cunningham.

The stage was set up to

pay tribute to the band’s Manchester roots with speakers behind bassist Peter

Hook reading “Salford Rules.”

New Order kicked off their set with ‘Atmosphere’, playing to a packed house that included many familiar Manchester faces including Rowetta from the Happy Mondays, and Lard from Radio 1’s Mark Radcliffe show.

“You’re going to have to be patient cos we’re gonna play a lot of songs for you tonight,” Sumner said shortly into the set. They then carried on to the tune of 16 songs including ‘Temptation’, ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, ‘Isolation’, ‘Blue Monday’ and upcoming single ‘Crystal’.

Enthusiasm reigned on stage throughout the performance: Corgan and Hook embraced before one song, and Hook even noted he had received a caution for his larger than life stage presence from Sumner saying, “You get told off for

enjoying yourself. He’s a miserable twat. Isn’t he? Only joking.”

The show was concluded by a three-song encore that Sumner threatened to turn

into a full set, stating: “We enjoyed it so much we’re gonna play the whole set for you again.”

Speaking to NME.COM at the gig’s after party held at local club Cream, Corgan said he was enjoying being part of the band.

“It was really exciting. The music they made is such an important part of my life. Definitely there were moments when you’re just standing there on

stage going ‘What the fuck!'”

Rowetta noted that the band’s performance was better than in years past,

saying: “I’ve never seen ’em look like they enjoyed it so much on stage. They looked just like kids.”

Other guests at the aftershow party paying tribute to the band Primal Scream‘s Bobbie Gillespie, and Mani, as well as Death In Vegas’ Richard Fearless, Ian McNabb, Arthur Baker, Jimi Goodwin, Pete Wylie, Dot Allison and

The Farm.

The full New Order setlist was:


‘Slow Jam’



‘Love Vigilantes’


‘Your Silent Face’

‘Turn My Way’

‘Close Range’

‘Touched By The Hand Of God’

‘Bizarre Love Triangle’


‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’


‘Ruined In A Day’

’60 Miles Per Hour’

‘Blue Monday’