'Here To Stay' also appears on the soundtrack to forthcoming movie '24 Hour Party People'...

A recently recorded collaboration between New Order and the Chemical Brothers, ‘HERE TO STAY’, will be released as the next New Order single later this spring.

The track will also be part of the soundtrack to ’24 Hour Party People’, the film that charts the rise and fall of Manchester’s legendary Hacienda, and all the players who were part of it – including New Order and Happy Mondays. The film stars Steve Coogan as Factory Records boss Anthony Wilson, John Simm as New Order frontman Barney Sumner and Ralph Little as bassist Peter Hook.

‘Here To Stay’ is set for release at the end of March/early April, depending on when the rest of the film soundtrack is finalised. It is also rumoured to include previously unreleased ‘Player In The League’, a track that appeared on the pre-release versions of last year’s comeback album’Get Ready’ but was kicked off the version that went on general sale.