New Order go into the studio later this year to start work on a brand new album...

NEW ORDER will go into the studio in the summer of this year to start work on a new album, their seventh LP together, after their reunion gigs.

Speaking on Radio 1 before Christmas, Bernard Sumner also said that all the members of the band would be writing songs for the new record.

“For Bernard to say what he said on Jo Whiley the other week, it just amazed me,” said bassist PETER HOOK in the latest issue of Uncut magazine. “If it works out, I’ll be the happiest man alive. But that’s what he spent 10 years stopping us from doing. He’s had such a change of heart and it’s wonderful.”


Of their New Year appearance at Manchester Evening News Arena, STEPHEN DALTON writes:

“It’s all downhill from here,” promises Bernard as the extended house mix of ‘True Faith’ finally turns the Arena into one huge dancefloor. He’s half right too, because New Order just don’t feel like a party band tonight. They finish with the daft Fat Harry White growl of ‘Fine Time’, a mechanical ‘Blue Monday’, a jagged ‘Temptation’ and a brutal ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ doused in chainsaw guitars. But they leave us with mixed emotions: elation, deflation, iconoclastic apathy and half-realised majesty.

New Order have reclaimed their title as British rock’s most erratic elder statesmen, speeding from banality to brilliance in the space of a heartbeat.

The New Order ‘Recycle’ box sets of 11 CDs (22 in all) representing all their singles from ‘Ceremony’ onwards, is due out later this year. THE OTHER TWOSTEPHEN and GILLIAN‘s extracurricular activity – have a new album called ‘Superhighways’ released later this month and ELECTRONIC – featuring Bernard Sumner and JOHNNY MARR with contributions from BOBBY GILLESPIE – have a new single called ‘Vivid’ released in March followed by an album called ‘Twisted Tenderness’.

The New Order album should be released in the year 2000.

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