The Manchester band's first album since 1993 is due for release in the autumn...

NEW ORDER’s first album in eight years is guitar-based and will feature a collaboration with the CHEMICAL BROTHERS, NME.COM can reveal.

The follow-up to 1993’s ‘Republic’ is now set to be released in the autumn, and is likely to be preceded by two singles. Speaking exclusively to NME.COM from Real World studios near Bath, New Order drummer Stephen Morris said: “It’s hard to put your finger on what’s changed. It’s a lot more guitarry than previously.”

Prior to the new as-yet-untitled album, New Order release a DVD in late March through London. Titled ‘316’, it features footage of a 1981 New Order gig in New York along with their 1998 Reading Festival appearance and a new interview with the band.

“I’d not seen it for ages so it was quite strange seeing it again,” said Morris. “It’s nice to see the hairstyles of 1981 which may come back one day. Reading ’98 was the first gig when we got together again. It’s the only time we played ‘World In Motion’ so it’s unique for that.”

Asked how the recording of the new record was going, Morris said: “It’s going good. We’re set to start mixing it in March with the idea of getting it out in the autumn. We’ve been working with Steve Osbourne so he’ll be mixing it. The Chemical Brothers are doing a track. I don’t know that it’s got a title yet, we’re still not very good with titles. But we’ve sent them a track and they’re doing what they do. It’s got singing on it, it’s virtually finished but let’s see what they do. That’s kind of the most keyboardy track we’ve done which is probably why they’ve got it.”

Morris confirmed: “There’s 17 sort of ideas we’re working on but I think we’re down to nine or ten finished songs and the rest we’ll probably work on later for B-sides and stuff. ’60mph’ and ‘Crystal’ – those two are definite titles. There’s one called ‘Dream On’ which will probably stay titled ‘Dream On’ because it’s in the lyric.”

Moby was touted as a potential collaborator on the new album, but he recently told NME.COM he was too busy working on his own album. Morris commented: “We waited until we had a few tracks to send him and by the time that we got round to deciding I think he was stuck into his own stuff. It’s our fault for dragging it out a bit. But it would be good to work with him in the future.”

Asked about live plans this year, Morris told NME.COM: “Glastonbury has kind of knackered it a bit really so we’re discussing it at the moment. There will probably be one gig before the album then do four or five straight after, in this country anyway.”

New Order will also be at the Cornerhouse in Manchester on February 2 for a screening of their videos and the interview from ‘316’, presented by producer and film-maker Michael H Shamberg. There will also be a screening of Shamberg’s first feature film, ‘Souvenir’. For tickets call 0161 200 1500.