The former Smashing Pumpkins frontman will feature on one track on the new album, to be released later in the year...

PETER HOOK has confirmed that ex-SMASHING PUMPKINS vocalist BILLY CORGAN will appear on the forthcoming NEW ORDER album – and the band plan to tour with MOBY following the record’s release.

Speaking in a recent interview, Hook said Corgan will feature on one as-yet-untitled new track, which is currently being completed.

He told the unofficial New Order website [url=] “We’re in Reading mixing at the moment, everything going really well, touch wood. Billy Corgan is guesting on a track which we are finishing today. [Producer] Steve Osbourne has been fantastic and is really hard working, so me and Bernard [Sumner] can take it easy!”

Hook has described the recording of the forthcoming record, which is also rumoured to feature a collaboration with The Chemical Brothers, as “natural and exciting”.

He said ‘Crystal’ will be the first single off the album, released in “June or July”. Other track titles include ‘Dream On’, ‘Shipwreck Of A Man’ and ‘Slow Jam’.

He added that the band are planning to play live again around this time, possibly at the forthcoming Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Also, they are lining up a tour with Moby.

A UK spokesperson for the band confirmed that the interview was authentic, but was unable to confirm any live dates.

Elsewhere, Hook described the forthcoming Manchester movie ’24 Hour Party People’, in which Ralf Little plays a youthful Hook, as “weird”.

He said: “It is weird, but the night at the ‘new’ Hacienda made me forgive them. Steve Coogan is funny. The second biggest asshole in Manchester playing the first! [Coogan plays Factory Records boss Tony Wilson] It is nice to be remembered. We did achieve a lot and it’s nice that it’s recognised.”