Peter Hook: ‘New Order are unified in their hatred of me’

And the estranged bassist calls the current line-up a 'New Order tribute band'

Peter Hook has spoken candidly about his feud with New Order, claiming his former bandmates are “unified in their hatred of me”.

Relations between Hook and the remaining members of New Order have been strained since the band reformed without him in late 2011. Earlier this month (January 2013), the estranged bassist added to the spat by playing the first two New Order albums in full with his new band The Light at gigs in London and Manchester. New Order frontman Bernard Sumner recently accused Hook of “opening the gateways of hell”.

Discussing his current relationship with his former bandmates, Hook told Billboard: “Obviously, they are unified in their hatred of me and their desire to belittle. I’m actually quite flattered that they still feel the need to do it when they’ve toured the world for a year as New Order, earned a shitload of money, and yet they still feel the need to let everybody know what a bastard I am. I’ll have to take it as a compliment that I have got up their noses so much.”

Hook also delved into the specifics of his disagreement with New Order, explaining: “What we’re arguing about is the business side. It’s nothing to do with me trying to stop them [touring]. I must admit that I was very shocked at first and angered by the fact that they had [reformed] completely behind my back. But the thing that I was most angry about was the business deal that they had left behind for me. Without asking me or consulting me, they just said: ‘Here you are. Here’s your cut of New Order going forward.’ That’s what I’m trying to legally remedy.”

Continuing, Hook criticised the live shows New Order have played without him, saying: “It’s more about financial stability than it is about music. The thing that I dislike about them most is the way that they just keep playing the greatest hits all the time. That was one of the things that I hated when I was there – when we were actually New Order, as opposed to a New Order tribute band, which is what I feel that they are now. They are as much New Order as I am Joy Division. In a funny way, now that I’m New Order, they are as much New Order as I am New Order. “

Meanwhile, Hook has recently revealed that he wants the 30th anniversary of New Order‘s classic single ‘Blue Monday’ to be marked with brand new remixes by David Guetta and Calvin Harris. ‘Blue Monday’ was first released in March 1983.