New Order confirm they will begin work on new material in early 2013

Bernard Sumner says the band's 2012 tour has convinced them that people want to hear new songs

New Order have confirmed that they are to begin work on new material in early 2013.

The band, who headlined last weekend’s newly set-up Festival Number 6, have spent the summer touring across Europe and their frontman Bernard Sumner has indicated that the response they’ve received from their live dates has inspired them to begin work on new songs.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, Sumner said when asked about the band’s future plans: “We finish touring at the end of October and then we’ve got November off. After Christmas, we’re going to have a meeting about writing some new stuff.”

He continued: “We’ve not decided yet, but from what we’ve seen from traveling around the world is that people want to hear some new stuff. Speaking to journalists and speaking to fans, they seem to really want to hear some new stuff. We won’t play live as much next year, maybe half the amount we’ve done this year, and we’ll write some new stuff.”

Sumner also spoke about the band’s decision to rework their older songs and has said they’re constantly updating their tracks to make sure they sound fresh.

He said of this: “We update some of our songs, if any of our songs start to sound a bit ’80s’ we’ll do our own remix of them and add fresh sounds”.

New Order announced their reformation late last year, with keyboard player Gillian Gilbert, who hadn’t performed with the band for over 10 years, rejoining and bass duties taken on by Tom Chapman, who was part of frontman Bernard Sumner’s recent project Bad Lieutenant.

Longtime bass player Peter Hook is not part of the band’s current line-up and remains locked in a legal battle with the group over the use of the band’s name.

New Order’s last studio album ‘Waiting For The Sirens’ Call’ was released in 2005. It was the eighth studio album of their career.