New Order’s Peter Hook admits to autograph fraud

Bassist says he 'used to fake Ian Curtis' signature'

New Order and Joy Division bassist Peter Hook has admitted to conning record collectors and memorabilia sellers by faking the signature of his late bandmate Ian Curtis.

The bassist was reminded of his scam when he recently stumbled across an autographed record in his hometown of Manchester.

“I did have a reputation for doing Ian Curtis‘ autograph for a long time,” Hook told XFM. “There’s some guy who had [debut Joy Division EP] ‘An Ideal For Living’ and it was signed by all four members of the band and dated. I went in and said, ‘Have you not noticed that the date is after Ian died?’. It was me, I did them as a joke!” he explained.

Hook says his revelation has affected his reputation with collectors and memorabilia hunters. “It was up there for £200, so my name is now mud among collectors.” He added.

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