New Order recall ‘poor quality’ reissues

Manchester veterans pull first five albums after fan complaints

New Order have recalled collector’s editions of their first five albums after complaints over poor sound quality on the bonus discs.

The reissues each include B-sides, instrumentals, remixes and rarities.

Warner Bros UK, Rhino and New Order regret that the initial pressings of the collector editions of ‘Movement’, ‘Power, Corruption And Lies’, ‘Low Life’, ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘Technique’ contain some minor audio problems on the bonus discs,” the band said in a statement.

“We are now in the process of correcting the problems, but it should be noted that due to the age and condition of some of the original source tapes, the sound quality may vary.”

The reissues were released last month, but they were only recalled when they were released in the US, reports The Guardian.

Reacting to the recall, bassist Peter Hook wrote on his MySpace blog: “This is a very difficult one. We are aware of the problems and because we did not have finished product to listen to [beforehand] it has, shall we say, slipped through the net?”

Hook went on to promise that his “great friend” and New Order biographer Claude Flowers would “sort this mess out personally”.