New Order deny split reports

Plus Joy Division filmmaker refutes conflict claims

New Order have denied reports they are splitting up.

Late last year drummer Stephen Morris told Pagina/ 12 magazine that the band were contemplating their future.

Morris was quoted as saying: “We should stop for a while.”

However, the drummer has denied the split stories, telling fansite “It’s the first I’ve heard of it… We’ve got an album to finish and a movie coming out.”

Morris also mentioned that Joy Division film ’Control’ would feature The Killers on the soundtrack.

He said: “The Killers have already done a version of ’Shadowplay’ for the album, and there will be lots more great stuff on there hopefully.”

Meanwhile, ’Closer’ director Anton Corbijn has hit back at reports of a conflict between himself and members of New Order.

As previously reported, bassist Peter Hook complained that ’Control’ director Anton Corbijn had too much power over the film.

Hook told Pagina/ 12 that Corbijn’s authoritative style “bothers me a lot”.

Corbijn posted: “There is no argument whatsoever between New Order and myself or Hooky and me.”

Regarding the issues of conflict, Corbijn posted: “I am in control of ’Control’ as any director worth his celluloid should be in charge of his film, but I am not telling the band that I moved to the UK for in 1979 how to write songs. Please. I wouldn’t dare.”

Corbijn said ’Control’ would come out in September.