New Order in battle with Joy Division film director

Band say 'Control' director has too much - eh - 'control'

New Order have criticised the makers of Joy Division film ‘Control’.

The band were set to record the soundtrack to the movie, currently being shot by long term photographer Anton Corbijn. However bassist Peter Hook has said things are not going according the plan.

“I’m pissed about the movie right now because Anton Corbijn (director) seems to be getting too much control, precisely,” he explained. “I would have preferred that he showed more respect for us. That’s what he should do…Anton is too passionate about the movie but I think he should have a wider view. At the beginning he would say: ‘Come everyone to help’ but now he closed the doors and sent everyone to piss off.”

The bassist told Pagina/12 magazine he was particularly annoyed that Corbijn was getting involved in the band’s musical contribution.

“We’re suppose to (record the film’s soundtrack) but the problem is that he’s telling us what to do,” said Hook. “If we don’t tell him how to direct, why is he telling us how to make music? Bernard (Sumner – singer) and Stephen seem to be OK about it but it bothers me a lot.”

As previously reported, ‘Control’ is based on the book ‘Touching From A Distance’ by Ian Curtis‘ widow Deborah and stars newcomer and stars 10,000 Things frontman Sam Riley.