New Pornographers discuss new album

'Challengers' is out in August

The New Pornographers have revealed further details of the follow-up to 2005’s ‘Twin Cinema’, set to be released in August.

Bassist John Collins told NME the “ambitious” album is all but finished, with just one track left to be mixed.

“We’re getting old so it’s slowing down” he said “and we’re finally using strings and we’ve had more people play on it that any other record before, about 20 people. It’s a little bit ambitious.”


Speaking to NME at the Motorola camp at Coachella on Sunday (April 29), Collins revealed the album was recorded in Brooklyn and Vancouver, will be called ‘Challengers’ and bears occasional resemblance to the band’s main influence- Roxy Music.

“I like the song ‘All Of The Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth’ explained Collins “I’d put it in a Roxy Music class. That’s sort of a model for a lot of our music throughout our whole career. It’s the only tune that really that, but it resembles it quite closely.”

And despite enjoying their Coachella set, Collins admitted it was a tough slot playing in the afternoon sun

“I was really hot, it was a bit much. Carl (Newman) , I never heard him complain about the heat but I could tell he was really feeling it. I don’t know how people don’t just throw up their hands and go home because it’s just so hot.”

He also revealed the band had very little rehearsal time before previewing material from ‘Challengers’.

“We didn’t get our shit together till the very last second” he said “The first rehearsal we had in several months was in the trailer right before we played. We’re going to have to get together in the same room and learn our songs, we try to do that every couple of years. We’re going to try and get some of our tunes together. We’re playing the Pitchfork Music Festival and 4th of July at Battery Park. At least by then we’re going to have it together.”


The New Pornographers play Battery Park in New York City on July 4.

–By our New York staff.

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