The Boyzone frontman's forthcoming solo single is co-written and co-produced by Gregg Alexander...

BOYZONE’S Ronan Keating has collaborated with New Radicals vocalist GREGG ALEXANDER on KEATING’S new solo single ‘LIFE IS A ROLLERCOASTER’.

Alexander has co-written and co-produced the single, which is released on July 10 through Polydor.

A spokesperson for Keating told “It sounds pretty good. We were all shocked when we found out they were working together. It sounds more like the New Radicals than Boyzone, very summery.”


Keating is currently putting the final touches to his debut solo album, ‘Ronan’, which is expected toward the end of July. Other artists collaborating on the record include the Bee GeesMaurice and Barry Gibb.

New Radicals split in July last year. At the time of the split Alexander claimed he had lost interest in fronting a “one hit wonder” after the success of the single ‘You Get What You Give’, which went Top Ten in the UK. He claimed he was “getting to the point that I was wearing a hat while performing so that people wouldn’t see my lack of enthusiasm.”

Since the split Alexander has worked as a producer, and as well as working with Keating, has also produced material by ex-New Radicals backing vocalist Danielle Brisebois.


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