These new Smashing Pumpkins song titles are Smashing Pumpkins AF

The reunion marches on

Smashing Pumpkins have revealed that they’re heading back into the studio to add the finishing touches to their long-awaited ‘reunion’ album – as well as sharing the titles of eight new songs.

It was believed that the band had already completed work on their comeback album, with Corgan, guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin from the original line-up, joined by longtime recent collaborator Jeff Schroeder. The album is being produced by Rick Rubin.

However, now Corgan has said that he is back in his native Chicago to complete his own solo album, before the band return to Malibu next week to add vocals and guitars to their new record.


“Good day! Back home in Chicago, snowy and unfair as she is, with a week to refine lyrics for the 8 new SP songs, whilst also finishing hope a couple more solo songs,” wrote Corgan. “The solo album is currently between 16 and 18 songs, and still in need of overdubs. And speaking of overdubs, we’ll be back in Malibu next week to sing shiny new lyrics and cut final guitar overdubs with James and Jeff. Busy! But good busy.”

Corgan then added that the eight new Smashing Pumpkins songs were called ‘Alienation’, ‘Travels’, ‘Silvery Sometimes’, ‘Solara’, ‘With Sympathy’, ‘Marchin’ On’, ‘Knights of Malta’, ‘Seek And You Shall Destroy’.

Last week saw the band announce a comeback tour, playing only material from their first five albums. To launch their return, the band reunited the models who featured on the sleeve of their seminal 1993 album ‘Siamese Dream‘ for a short video and to recreate the artwork.

Original bassist D’Arcy Wretsky is not involved in the reunion – accusing Corgan of ‘manipulation‘ and slamming him as ‘insufferable‘.

The Pumpkins have since issued a statement, claiming that Wretsky was invited to be involved in the band’s return, but turned down the offer at every turn.

It is believed that further world tour dates will be announced in the months ahead.