The new Smashing Pumpkins ‘reunion’ album is starting to sound pretty epic

"The guitar feels once again like the preferred weapon of choice"

Billy Corgan has provided yet another update on the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins ‘reunion’ album – revealing that he has 26 songs to work with.

Fans of he ’90s rock veterans have had an exciting month so far. First, Corgan was pictured in the studio with original guitarist and drummer James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin. Then, after original bassist D’Arcy Wretsky revealed that she would play no part in the reunion, leaked photos from a shoot showed that latter day Pumpkins collaborator Jeff Schroeder looks set to fill her place.

After revealing that the legendary Rick Rubin would be producing the record, now Corgan has revealed that studio time shall continue due to his wealth of songs “in various states of completion, production, insanity”.

Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan

“OK, I misspoke,” wrote Corgan on Instagram. “Today wasn’t the last day in studio. More work ahead (lyrics, vocals, strings). Which I guess means something like 26 songs currently in various states of completion, production, insanity. But honestly, and I mean this from the heart, I’m very pleased to be this engaged with making new music at this point in my life.

“I started playing the guitar April 1, 1981, so almost 37 years later the colors remain vivid in my mind, there are still fresh (and dare I say provocative) subjects to address, and the guitar feels once again like the preferred weapon of choice.”

Fans are now speculating that this could lead to yet another Pumpkins’ double album – following on from their seminal ‘Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness’ and their ‘final’ albums before their initial split, ‘Machina I/Machina II’.

It is hoped that the band will announce tour and festival dates in the months ahead.