Diversity study finds that the UK music industry is still dominated by men

A UK Music taskforce has found that women only occupy 30% of senior executive roles in music in the UK

A new study has found that the upper reaches of the music industry are still dominated by men, with only 30% of the top positions in the industry currently being filled by women.

The survey, conducted by UK Music, sought to establish figures on diversity in the industry, with a particular emphasis on the business side. The balance of gender and ethnicity in record labels and publishing companies were examined, finding that, despite progress in female, black, Asian, and minority ethnic representation at entry level, the majority of the top positions are still held by men.

According to the survey, women make up 60% of intern positions and 59% of entry-level business roles in the industry, but they only account for 30% of senior executive positions.


The study also found that women made up more than half of the work force aged 25-34 in the industry, but only 33% between the ages of 45 and 64.

The survey’s findings on ethnic diversity, meanwhile, found that at intern and entry levels the proportion of workers from BAME backgrounds was high, coming in at 24% and 20% respectively. However, only 11% of senior roles in the industry were found to be filled by a person from a minority background.

The findings of UK Music’s newly-published study were described as “embarrassing” by senior figures in the music industry, leading to fresh calls to stop the industry’s “unconscious bias” and its tendency to “reward and promote [the] male ego”.

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