New study reveals the age you’ll discover your favourite band

...and they'll stay with you for life

A new study has revealed the average at which music fans are most likely to discover their favourite band.

Research from TickPick looked into how parents influenced the music taste of their children.

500 parents and music listeners took part in a survey, which concluded that the ten following factors are the most important in determining a young music fan’s taste: radio, movies, father, mother, friends, siblings, TV, concerts and festivals, social media, and finally hobbies and¬†interests.


The study also reveals that the average age in which music fans discover their favourite band is 13, six months after they are usually first introduced to explicit music. 31% of parents, the study says, disagree with each other over what their childrens’ music taste should be, while kids who are taking to gigs by their parents are more likely to say they have a stronger bond with their mum and dad.

The crowd at Leeds Festival (Picture: Getty)

According to the survey, 43% of parents and children are set to agree on pop music as a shared genre preference, while hip-hop/rap is the preferred genre for children, and classic rock sits at 38% for parents.

75% of parents who consider themselves fans of indie music have said they’ve tried to influence their child’s musical taste, while the same is true for only 62% of parents into pop music.