Hear a new version of INXS’s ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ featuring Mylène Farmer

From the soundtrack of ‘Mystify’, a documentary about Michael Hutchence

A new version of INXS’s 1988 classic ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ has been released. It features French singer Mylène Farmer, and is included on the soundtrack of Mystify, a new feature-length documentary about the Australian band’s late frontman Michael Hutchence.

Farmer’s sensuous vocals open this rendition of ‘Never Tear Us Apart’, which was co-produced by INXS drummer Jon Farriss. The song ends with a brief spoken line from Hutchence: “Just do it for the music. Just do it for the music, that’s what it’s about.” Hear it below:


This is not Farmer’s first time taking on ‘Never Tear Us Apart’. INXS had previously re-recorded the song with her and Australian bluesman Ben Harper for their 2010 album ‘Original Sin’.

The track appears on ‘Mystify – A Musical Journey with Michael Hutchence’, the documentary’s accompanying soundtrack which dropped last Friday (July 5). Divided into four sides, each between 13 to 16 minutes long, the record features previously unreleased material by the iconic rock group, such as a version of ‘Please (You Got That)’ featuring Ray Charles. Stream the album here:

Mystify, which centres on Hutchence and the events leading up to his death in November 1997, was directed by filmmaker and longtime INXS collaborator Richard Lowenstein. It premiered in Australia last Thursday (July 4), and will air on BBC2, though no premiere date has been announced.