New York Dolls reveal new album details

The band are hard at work in the studio

New York Dolls have revealed details surrounding the release of their first studio album in 32 years.

The band are currently at work in the Shed studio in Manhattan with producer Jack Douglas, who was the engineer on the group’s 1973 self-titled debut.

Despite moving away from the Dolls’ original lipstick and mascara drenched sound, guitarist Sylvain Sylvain has said that the root of the music still remains the same.

“When you took off the makeup and spiked heels, at the bottom of it all, it was the blues,” he told Rolling Stone. “(We) were a blues band. We played those three-chord progressions.”

Due out in June, tracks set to appear on the as-yet-untitled LP include ‘Beauty School’ and ‘Plenty Of Music’.

Sylvain and singer David Johansen are the only surviving New York Dolls. Guitarist Johnny Thunders died in 1991, drummer Jerry Nolan in 1992 and bassist Arthur Kane passed away in July 2004 of leukaemia, just a month after reuniting with the group for two shows at London’s Meltdown festival.

The band is now made up of Johansen, Sylvain, guitarist Steve Conte, bassist Sam Yaffa and drummer Brian Delaney.

Speaking about the new album, producer Douglas said: “When I heard the new songs, I knew they were capable of sounding like the Dolls but not as nostalgia. They had the stuff.”

New York Dolls released just two albums during their highly influential career – ‘New York Dolls’ and 1974’ s ‘Too Much Too Soon’.