NewJeans unveil bubbly new Coca-Cola collaboration single ‘Zero’

The K-pop girl group were recently named global Coca-Cola ambassadors

K-pop girl group NewJeans have released a new promotional single ‘Zero’, in collaboration with Coca-Cola.

Today (April 3), the ADOR quintet dropped their new digital single ‘Zero’ across streaming platforms, accompanied by a music video on YouTube. The track was released in collaboration with Coca-Cola for its Coca-Cola Zero campaign in South Korea.

The new visual follows NewJeans as they get ready to set off for a seaside adventure, along with the song’s energetic choreography. “Coca-Cola is tasty, Coca-Cola is tasty / See you lookin’, catch it / Here’s your Cola / See you lookin’, catch it / Here’s your Cola,” they chant on the energetic chorus.


The release of ‘Zero’ was first announced by ADOR last week, along with news of NewJeans’ new global ambassadorship with Coca-Cola. The girl group will also be the face of the brand’s Coca-Cola Zero campaign in South Korea.

In a press statement, the label shared: “Both NewJeans and Coca-Cola Zero have a distinctive charm that can’t easily be emulated by just anyone. We’re looking forward to the unique synergy that will be created by the two of them coming together.”

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola representatives remarked that through the new collaboration, listeners would be able to “feel the thrill of the moment you meet Coca-Cola Zero.”

‘Zero’ comes just three months after the release of NewJeans’ single album ‘OMG’, which comprised its title track and the pre-release single ‘Ditto’. In a four-star review of the release, NME described it as “a nonchalant shrugging off of the burden of swift success and a steady step forward for a group seemingly already on the path to being K-pop superstars”.

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