NewJeans talk hopes for new music: “I want our listeners to be open-minded”

“You can always find what you really like by trying new things and challenging yourself,” said member Danielle in NME’s latest cover story

Rookie girl group NewJeans have shed some light on what they hope to explore and achieve with their upcoming new music.

In NME’s latest cover story, the K-pop girl group discussed some of their aspirations and hopes for their future releases, the next of which – according to ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin – is already in the works.

“I want our listeners to be open-minded to new music and have them listen to things that maybe they haven’t heard before,” said member Danielle when asked about the impact she would like NewJeans to have.


“You can always find what you really like by trying new things and challenging yourself,” added the 17-year-old singer.

NewJeans on the cover of NME
NewJeans on the cover of NME

Later in the interview, Minji suggested that the girl group attempt to incorporate jazz in their next release, which was seconded by bandmate Hanni. The latter went on to voice her desire to continue exploring and combining genres in their music.

“I think pulling R&B and hip-hop together, a little bit pop and you know, New Jersey club, mixing the genres into one song gives a more unique kind of sound,” said the Vietnamese Australian singer. “So to try [mix more genres] in the future, I think that would be really fun.”

Both songs on NewJeans’ most recent single album ‘OMG’ included writing credits from Hanni and Minji, with the former also helping pen one of NewJeans’ debut tracks ‘Hype Boy’, which NME named the best K-pop song of 2022.

“Having the opportunity to convey our stories and characters in our albums is incredible,” said Danielle, who had written lyrics for the NewJeans song ‘Attention, adding that the girl group “really want” to continue exploring songwriting in their future releases. Read the full NME cover story with NewJeans here.

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