Listen to NewJeans’ new remix of ‘Zero’ featuring J.I.D

NewJeans are also set to release their second mini-album soon

NewJeans and Atlanta-born rapper J.I.D have unveiled a remix of the K-pop girl group’s Coca-Cola promotional single ‘Zero’.

Today (June 21), NewJeans and J.I.D released a remixed version of the girl group’s April single ‘Zero’, a promotional track for the Coca-Cola Zero campaign in South Korea. The new version of the track includes slight tweaks to its instrumental, along with a new verse by the rapper towards the end of the song.

I never ever ever want for us to be apart / That’s a fear, puppeteer, pulling strings to my heart / Very serious, severely sittin’ here inside the dark / ‘Cause whenever you depart or disappear, I feel (Heart),” J.I.D raps.


The remix comes just weeks after the release of ‘Be Who You Are (Real Magic)’, which was written by Grammy-winning American songwriter Jon Batiste for COKE STUDIO. The song featured both NewJeans and J.I.D, along with Cat Burns and Camilo.

“I am proud to partner with Coke to share a message of encouragement and humanity with the world through my music,” Batiste said of the collaboration. “This is such a non-traditional, innovative approach we’ve taken, and it felt very organic for me to just do my World Music Radio thing.”

Earlier this week, NewJeans’ label ADOR announced that the girl group would be releasing their second mini-album titled ‘Get Up’ on July 21. The record will feature six new songs by the group, all of which will be accompanied by music videos.

The quintet are set to release the songs ‘New Jeans’ and ‘Super Shy’ early on July 7, the former of which will have a special music video created in collaboration with animated TV series The Powerpuff Girls.

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