Niall Horan discusses timescale of One Direction reunion

The Irish singer is also set to release his second solo single 'Slow Hands' later today (May 4)

Niall Horan has discussed the possibility of a One Direction reunion, reiterating that the boy band still have albums left to record on their contract with Simon Cowell’s SYCO label.

While the group are currently on hiatus, Horan has followed his fellow bandmembers in pursuing a solo career. He’ll release his second solo single ‘Slow Hands’ later today (May 4), which follows his debut release ‘This Town’.

Speaking in a new interview with The Sun, Horan addressed the inevitable prospect of One Direction ending their hiatus in the near future. While Horan is currently operating solo under Capitol Records, the 23-year-old confirmed that the boy band still have a commitment to recording at least one more album with SYCO.

“We were very close to [Cowell] for years and had a lot of success together,” Horan said. “I just felt like I wanted and needed a fresh start [at Capitol]. It’s a long time to be at a label I wanted to broaden my horizons and try something new. We both know that and when One Direction come back we’ll still have albums left to do.

“It’s been a year and a bit already [since the hiatus]. We don’t want to put a time on it… You know I’m going to probably end up touring, Harry will probably end up doing the same, probably Liam, probably Louis. That’s a year. Time adds up.

“But when that phone call does come, no matter whoever it comes from, we’re back again.”

Horan is thought to be working on a “folk-pop” album, and recently told Siriux XM Hits 1 that 16 songs will make the final track list on the forthcoming record.