Nick Cannon targets Eminem’s fans in latest diss track ‘Used to Look Up to You’

"Dick-riding on Marshall Mathers"

Nick Cannon has released another diss track aimed at Eminem, this time bringing the rapper’s fans into the fight.

On his latest song, ‘Used to Look Up to You’, Cannon calls out the ‘Kamikaze’ rapper’s supporters simply for having his back. “N****s out here tweeting like they been a savage / Dick-riding on Marshall Mathers,” he raps. “Had to put on my turban like I’m Aladdin / N****s out here cappin’, black lives matter.


The song follows three other disses – ‘The Invitation’, ‘Pray for Him’, and ‘Canceled: Invitation’ – the latter two of which Eminem has not yet responded to.

‘The Invitation’ (feat. Suge Knight), which was shared in December 2019, was intended to aggravate Eminem after the Detroit rapper took aim at Cannon and his ex-wife Mariah Carey on new record ‘Lord Above’.

Em’s dissed-filled feature appears on Fat Joe and Dre’s new album, ‘Family Ties’, in which he raps: “I know me and Mariah didn’t end on a high note/ But that other dude’s whipped… Almost got my caboose kicked/ Fool, quit, you not gon’ do shit/ I let her chop my balls off too before I lost to you, Nick.

Nick Cannon and Eminem
Nick Cannon and Eminem Credit: Getty

Cannon responded by calling out the ‘Killshot’ rapper on his Power 106 radio show Nick Cannon Mornings and challenged him to “wild out”. He then made a song in which he claimed Eminem allegedly paid off a limo driver not to disclose a video of him giving fellatio (“I heard your chauffeur got a video of you suckin’ a cock/ You paid him off, then laid him off, now who really the opp”)?

Eminem has not yet reacted to Cannon’s latest attempts to aggravate him but he did label the artist “a bougie fuck” in response to ‘The Invitation’.


“U mad bro? Stop lying on my dick. I never even had a chauffeur, you bougie fuck,” he wrote. “I demand an apology Nicholas, you’ve made my gardener so jealous!”

The feud – albeit largely one-sided – continues.

In other news, Eminem has been in the studio recording lots of new material, according to producer S1. The former Strange Fruit Project member revealed that Em has been busy “cutting a lot of records.”

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