Nick Cave scores soundtrack to Prince Of Persia’s star’s production of ‘Faust’

Play kicks off in London in tandem with Aussie singer's Grinderman tour

Nick Cave has scored the music to a forthcoming play production in London‘s Young Vic.

The Grinderman singer has teamed up with his violinist Warren Ellis to write the score for Prince Of Persia star Gísli Örn Garðarsson‘s adaptation of Faust, a legendary tale based on a man selling his soul to the devil, which opens tomorrow (September 25) at the theatre.

“It was reallly inspiring working with the pair of them and seeing how they work,” said director Garðarsson. “It’s a very devilish world and Nick colours in that world. It really adds a whole new layer to the story.”

This is the third time the trio have worked on a production together. Cave and Ellis also scored the soundtrack to Garðarsson‘s previous plays Metamorphosis and Woyzeck, the latter of which saw the pair make their theatrical debut.

“I saw them playing a concert in Iceland in 2005 and saw their energy brought to life,” Garðarsson said. “Warren was hammering this violin and the girls were going bananas. After that I approached them to do Woyzeck.”

His production of Faust, which runs until October 30, features glam-rock and soulful ballads written by Cave and Ellis.

“They are the perfect recipe for this play because it’s so rock ‘n’ roll and the music is very theatrical,” said Garðarsson. “It’s great using Nick‘s music because you see it in a completely different context to the music he plays with his band.”

Cave is also in London for his Grinderman tour when the play kicks off. Garðarsson is hopeful the Aussie singer will pop in to see the play at some point.

“He will be on tour but I hope he will get to pop in one of the nights,” he added.

Cave and Ellis have previously scored the soundtrack to a host of movies including The Road, The Proposition and The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford.

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