Live album of Nick Cave's crazy wild youth hits in July...

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY finally have their live album released through 4AD on July 5. The album, as reported previously on, was compiled with the approval of Nick Cave from hours of live material recorded during the BB‘s brief, incendiary career.

‘The Birthday Party Live 81-82’ catches Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Roland S Howard, the late great Tracy Pew and Phil Calvert at their best at three shows in London The Venue in 1981, Bremen and Athens the following year.

Drawn from their seminal 4AD albums ‘Junkyard’, ‘Prayers On Fire’, ‘Hee Haw’ and ‘Mutiny/The Bad Seeds EP’, the full tracklisting is

Junkyard A Dead Song Dim Locator Zoo Music Girl Nick The Stripper Blast Off Release The bats Bully Bones King Ink (Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn Big Jesus Trashcan Dead Joe The Friend catcher 6 ” Gold Blade Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow) She’s Hit Funhouse