Blast First supremo's spoken word lable features releases by Stewart Home, Charles Bukowski and The Black Panthers...

Nick Cave performs a new song on a forthcoming release on the King Mob label, an imprint set up by Paul Smith (the man whose Blast First label brought us Sonic Youth, not the poncey clothes shop) released on February 14.

The full roster of releases has CDs by

London psychogeographer, novellist and historian Ian Sinclair reading from his novel ‘Downriver’ Cult US author Charles Bukowski recorded in 1968 Recordings from Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters’ Acid Tests from 1965 Stewart Home (like Iain Sinclair except wityh a better haircut) reading from his classic punk bootboy novel ‘Pure Mania’ The Black Panthers recorded in New York in 1968 Michael Moorcock reading from his London novels ‘King Of The City’ and ‘Mother London’ Nick Cave‘s lectures on The Secret Life Of The Love Song and religious dissertation The Flesh Made Word, also featuring five songs Actor/psychedelic dramatist/one time Brookside character Ken Campbell‘s ‘Wol Wantok’ – learn a language in a weekend, guaranteed!


There’s also a launch event with readings by Nick Cave, Iain Sinclair, Ken Campbell, Michael Moorcock and Stewart Home at London W1 Conway Hall on February 15. Tickets, priced #5 are available from 0171 771 2000.

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