Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds share live gig and launch new website to celebrate 10 years of ‘Push The Sky Away’

It is available for a limited time

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds have shared a live concert on the 10 year anniversary of their album ‘Push The Sky Away’.

The band performed tracks from the record at Los Angeles’ Fonda Theatre on February 21, 2013. Three days earlier the album was released.

For a limited time the band are allowing fans to stream the concert, watch a performance of ‘Mermaids’ from the show and a video showing how the album was made. You can stream the concert here on Spotify or via email here and watch the other videos below.


In addition the band are launching a new website celebrating ‘Push The Sky Away’ along with video, audio, imagery, lyrics and exclusive merchandise. You can access it here.

The Bad Seeds at the time consisted of Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Jim Sclavunos, Martyn Casey, Thomas Wydler and Conway Savage, with Barry Adamson and George Vjestica each joining for two tracks.

“‘Push The Sky Away’ was the start of a new, wild adventure for the Bad Seeds. The record opened up a whole different approach to the way we created our music. It was the beginning of a way of writing – a kind of controlled improvisation. Because of this shift, the record was to some extent divisive – but it was the necessary reinvention that the Bad Seeds desperately needed,” Cave said via press release.

“For that reason ‘Push The Sky Away’ continues to stand as one of my most loved of all the Bad Seeds’ albums.”


The setlist for ‘Push The Sky Away’ at Fonda Theatre was as follows:

‘We No Who U R’
‘Wide Lovely Eyes’
‘Water’s Edge’
‘Jubilee Street’
‘We Real Cool’
‘Finishing Jubilee Street’
‘Higgs Boson Blues’
‘Push The Sky Away’
‘From Her To Eternity’
‘O Children’
‘The Ship Song’
‘Jack The Ripper’
‘Red Right Hand’
‘Love Letter’
‘The Mercy Seat’
‘Stagger Lee’

Reviewing the album at the time NME described it “as a masterpiece that merges the experimentation and freedom of their side projects with Cave’s most tender songcraft.”

Earlier this year, Cave confirmed that he had started work on a new Bad Seeds album, sharing some early lyric ideas in the process.

Meanwhile, he recently responded to a fan who wrote to his Red Hand Files newsletter, criticising him for losing his anger.

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