Nick Cave dressed as Nick Cave for the Met Gala and it was iconic

Black never goes out of fashion...

The Met Gala took place in New York last night, and it saw some of the world’s most famous faces showcasing some seriously original designs.

This year’s annual theme was “Heavenly Bodies” and it meant that Rihanna was able to rock an impressive papal look, completed by a very jazzy hat.

Zendaya, meanwhile, took it back to the middle ages with an empowered look that was inspired by Joan of Arc.


But amid the impressive ensembles stood Nick Cave – who opted to essentially go as himself.

Despite wearing the same black suit that he’s rocked for several decades (it’s Gucci), he looked every bit as wife Suzie.

“The only man I’ll let off for dressing basic at the met gala is Nick Cave because he’s dressed perfectly to workship at the altar of his wife”, one fan wrote on Twitter.


Another said: “I honestly can’t tell the difference between Nick Cave and friends at the Met Gala versus Nick Cave et al on, say, any random Tuesday.”

Other highlights of the Met Gala included Grimes and Elon Musk, who made a surprise appearance together .

The SpaceX CEO/Tesla co-founder and the musician (real name Claire Boucher) have been involved in a Twitter exchange recently – after Grimes beat Musk to making a joke about Artificial Intelligence and the character Rococo Basilisk.

Rococo Basilisk was one of the characters created by Grimes in 2015 for her video for ‘Flesh Without Blood’.