Nick Cave given badge of honour for service to Australia

As part of the yearly Australia Day induction

Nick Cave has been awarded an Australian badge of honour for offering a “distinguished service of a high degree to Australia or humanity at large.”

The ‘Skeleton Tree’ musician was recognised as part of the traditional Australian Day honours roll, published January 26 every year.

Cave, who is currently touring Australia, was acknowledged as a “musician, songwriter, author and actor” who could be considered “a major contributor to Australian music culture and heritage.” His most recent album, released last year, is nominated for the Australian Music Prize and topped charts in the country back in 2016.

Other artists to be recognised in Australia Day honours are Cold Chisel frontman Jimmy Barnes and songwriter Paul Kelly.

This month marked Cave’s return to the stage, where he performed live for the first time since the tragic death of his son. The show saw them give tracks from their acclaimed 2016 album ‘Skeleton Tree‘ their live debut, performing seven of the record’s eight tracks live for the first time with ‘Jesus Alone’, ‘Girl In Amber’, ‘Anthrocene’, ‘Magneto’, ‘Distant Sky’, ‘I Need You’ and the title track.

He also gave his first interview since his son’s death, talking to The Australian about the band’s live return and the impact of the film ‘One More Time With Feeling’. “It was like we had done something good for Arthur, all of us, and had placed the memory of him up there in the stars,” he said.

More recently, a New Zealand man’s photograph of Cave went viral, after he took a shot with the Bad Seeds singer captioned: “Does anyone know who this is? People keep asking him to sign their t shirt,” and then a selfie saying: “Can someone please tell me who this celeb is? Everyone was asking him for pics and I didn’t wanna feel left out.”