Nick Cave hails Kanye West as “the greatest artist on Earth” in new message to fan

"Making art is a form of madness"

Nick Cave has opened up on his love of Kanye West, hailing him as “the greatest artist” on Earth.

On his regular question-and-answer interaction site The Red Hand Files, Cave was simply asked “Do you like Kanye?” by a fan from Los Angeles called Naja.

In his to-the-point response, Cave explained: “Making art is a form of madness – we slip deep within our own singular vision and become lost to it. There is no musician on Earth that is as committed to their own derangement as Kanye, and in this respect, at this point in time, he is our greatest artist.”


It marks the first time that Cave has publicly discussed his admiration for West, who released his latest album ‘Jesus Is Born’ with his Sunday Service collective last month.

The latest edition of Red Hand Files also saw Cave responding to a fan called Math from Bordeaux in France, who asked if the musician ever feared losing fans by changing his sound.

“We love and respect our fans, both past and present, but, of course, they are free to come and go as they please,” said Cave.

“What The Bad Seeds are trying to do is to nurture our listeners, to challenge and confront them, to make records that create some kind of dissonance, and perhaps even disturb them, but hopefully ultimately move them.

Nick Cave signed copy of The Sick Bag Song sold for $10,000
Nick Cave (Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

“Losing fans is the collateral damage that comes from engaging in music from an artistic perspective, rather than a commercial one. Making music specifically to please fans can be patronising and exploitative.


“Challenging music, by its very nature, alienates some fans whilst inspiring others, but without that dissonance, there is no conversation, there is no risk, there are no tears and there are no smiles, and nobody is moved and nobody is affected!”

Other recent editions of the Red Hand Files have seen Cave discussing the extensive “lows” he has experienced while under the influence of drugs, the tragic passing of his son and providing advice for a 16-year-old fan on body positivity.

He also recently spoke about the “pure and holy” anger of grief in a message to a fan whose mother was murdered.