Read Nick Cave’s heartwarming letter to 10-year-old fan: ‘The world is waiting for you’

It's the latest letter to be published on his fan-led The Red Hand Files site

Nick Cave has published a heartwarming reply to a 10-year-old fan’s letter on his website, The Red Hand Files.

The site is a space where the musician fields questions from the public, sharing his replies with his fans.

In the latest instalment, Cave responded to 10-year-old Ptolemy from Launceston, Australia, who said he had been a fan for as long as he could remember and asked: “None of my friends listen to anything cool, interesting or beautiful. How will having your music in my life so early on affect me, and have you got any advice for me?”


The musician began by suggesting he might have already answered the question at a conversation event in Hobart. “I can’t remember exactly what I replied, but I thought more about the question after the show and I remember wishing I had answered it better,” he said.

He went on to describe listening to the Bad Seeds at such a young age as “like having a secret knowledge.” Cave said he, too, had a secret knowledge when he was younger, thanks to his eldest brother Tim, who “used to listen to a lot of very strange and obscure music” and passed his knowledge down.

“Back then I lived in a rural city in Victoria and it seemed to me that nobody my age listened to the music my brother played to me,” he wrote. “As far as I could tell they all listened to a whole lot of shit. It was like I carried a secret around inside me, a special knowledge about the world that my friends didn’t have.”

Cave added that he eventually found other people who shared that “special power” and they became his best friends who he would eventually form a band with.


“This secret knowledge you have is a strength that will inspire you to do wondrous things – like write stories, or draw pictures, or build rockets that fly to Mars,” he said, before commenting on the boy’s name. “A boy full of inspiration with a warrior’s name! The world is waiting for you. Blow ‘em away, kid.”

Meanwhile, the Bad Seeds have been hard at work on the follow-up to their 2016 album ‘Skeleton Tree’. During an event in Melbourne, the frontman gave fans an update on their progress, saying he was “very, very excited about it” and that the band would soon be wrapping up the record.