Nick Cave says he’s “repelled” by ‘woke’ culture’s “self-righteous belief” and “lack of humility”

"I am left feeling bored and cornered by the hubris of their own sureness."

Nick Cave has posted his latest edition of The Red Hand Files, in which he writes about his distaste for a number of ideologies including ‘woke’ culture, atheism and organised religion.

On the service, where Cave answers questions from fans, he was asked about his political views, how ‘woke’ he thinks he is, and his reasons for writing.

“Living in a state of enquiry, neutrality and uncertainty, beyond dogma and grand conviction, is good for the business of songwriting, and for my life in general,” he said. “This is the reason I tend to become uncomfortable around all ideologies that brand themselves as ‘the truth’ or ‘the way’.


“This not only includes most religions, but also atheism, radical bi-partisan politics or any system of thought, including ‘woke’ culture, that finds its energy in self-righteous belief and the suppression of contrary systems of thought.”

Expanding on his criticism of ‘woke culture’, Cave said: “Regardless of the virtuous intentions of many woke issues, it is its lack of humility and the paternalistic and doctrinal sureness of its claims that repel me.

Nick Cave

“Antifa and the Far Right, for example, with their routine street fights, role-playing and dress-ups are participants in a weirdly erotic, violent and mutually self-sustaining marriage, propped up entirely by the blind, inflexible convictions of each other’s belief systems. It is good for nothing, except inflaming their own self-righteousness. The New Atheists and their devout opponents are engaged in the same dynamic.”

Cave also said: “This is not to suggest we should not have our convictions or, indeed, that we should not be angry with the state of the world, or that we should not fight in order to correct the injustices committed against it. Conviction and anger can be the most powerful expressions of universal love.”

Cave discussed similar issues when asked about Morrissey‘s recent declarations of far-right support on The Red Hand Files.


While stating that he didn’t agree with Morrissey’s views, Cave emphasised that he felt it would be “dangerous” if the former Smiths man wasn’t allowed to voice his opinions.

The musician, who released his acclaimed new album ‘Ghosteen’ earlier this month, has also used the website to offer moving advice on body positivity to a 16 year-old fan, reveal that a third Grinderman album is planned, and to discuss being dumped by PJ Harvey.

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