Nick Cave soundtracks a new PETA ad starring Iggy Pop and his dog

Cave's 'Breathless' soundtracks the animal rights campaigners' new advert

Nick Cave has contributed his track ‘Breathless’ to a new PETA advert, starring Iggy Pop and his dog.

The clip follows an animated, shirtless Iggy Pop, who spends the duration of the ad foiling hunters’ traps and fisherman’s nets, all to the soundtrack of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds‘ ‘Breathless’. The lyrics to ‘Breathless’ reference the defence of animal rights, too, with Cave singing “The rabbit hides beneath the ground / For he is defenceless without you.”

Watch the clip below.


Back in April, Nick Cave also lend his support to a suicide prevention app, ‘Kurdiji 1.0’

The app is aiming to raise money via a Go Fund Me campaign. It’s described as an app by Australian Indigenous Elders designed to save young Indigenous lives.

 According to the app’s write-up on their Go Fund Me page, young aboriginal people are now four times more likely to take their own life than their non-indigenous peers, and the suicide rate for young indigenous men is the highest in the world.

Nick Cave is openly supporting the app, stating; “With Aboriginal people committing suicide on an unprecedented scale, a group of elders are creating a suicide prevention app based on ceremony, story and law.”

“Join them in fighting for the lives of young Aboriginal people and let’s show Aboriginal Australia we believe in them,” he added.

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