Nick Cave lends support to suicide prevention app

The app aims to prevent suicide rates among indigenous communities.

Nick Cave has lent his support to a suicide prevention app called the ‘Kurdiji 1.0’ app.

The app is aiming to raise money via a Go Fund Me campaign. It’s described as an app by Australian Indigenous Elders designed to save young Indigenous lives.

According to the app’s write-up on their Go Fund Me page, young aboriginal people are now four times more likely to take their own life than their non-indigenous peers, and the suicide rate for young indigenous men is the highest in the world.


Nick Cave is openly supporting the app, stating; “With Aboriginal people committing suicide on an unprecedented scale, a group of elders are creating a suicide prevention app based on ceremony, story and law.”

“Join them in fighting for the lives of young Aboriginal people and let’s show Aboriginal Australia we believe in them,” he added.

The app will use 3D visualisation of ceremony and dance, audio recordings, video and text, to provide the ‘cultural nourishment provided by initiation in community’.

The app aims to reach young people who can’t live on country, or who feel cut off or isolated. “By reconnecting people with language, skin name, ceremony and law, this app will increase resilience by creating a sense of belonging,” they write.

Warlpiri Elder Steve Wanta Jampijinpa Patrick further explains that “Kurdiji means ‘shield’ for us Warlpiri, it’s initiation ceremony as well. It’s meant to teach people to look at life and really protect life – shield them off from all the elements of negative things of the world. This app will give hope through the way Kurdiji brings out the best in challenging life and in challenging ourselves too.”


Nick Cave was awarded an Australian badge of honour earlier this year for offering a “distinguished service of a high degree to Australia or humanity at large.”

The ‘Skeleton Tree’ musician was recognised as part of the traditional Australian Day honours roll, published January 26 every year.